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Danbury Porsche Ratings and Reviews

Below you will find customer reviews.   Click here to tell us what you think.

Rick | CT | 2017-08-31

My experience with Danbury Porsche has been fantastic, A+. Chris Partelow and Paolino Bastone (sales), to Jeff Bobbins and Connor (service), and the whole team at this dealership have been very professional to work with. I have worked with other Porsche dealers prior to this experience, and Danbury by far knocks it out of the park. Great pricing, knowledgeable, and very friendly team. Danbury Porsche is a pleasure to do business with. My 911 and I are in great hands with this dealership.I would highly recommend Porsche Danbury to anyone looking for a great experience and a long term relationship for the Porsche brand.

Jacob Handszer | NY | 2017-10-02

Mike Killeen and Chris Partelow have provided me and my family with first class service. Not only are the cars high performance so are the people at Danbury Porsche. Highly recommended!

Chris obi | CT | 2017-08-19

Bought my certified Panamera from Mike Killen... Great service, Very professional!! And above all very caring..Treated me like family from day one. Such a pleasant human being and very easy to do business with. I would give him 6 stars if I could. Best experience I ever had shopping for a car. Will DEFINITELY be buying more cars from Mike. Thanks You so much again, I really really appreciate your honesty through the whole process... It meant a lot to me. Cheers!

Deb Grover | CT | 2016-10-25

Matt was knowledgeable, responsive, detailed, calm, and respectful of our time. The epitome of what a true professional should be, but rarely is. My husband and I were investigating various makes and models of cars, and one of our concerns was the actual owning of a vehicle in terms of service and responsiveness. We bought the Macan because of the total buying experience with Matt and the manner in which all of the other professionals in this dealership worked seamlessly with each other to handle our needs.

Michelle | CT | 2017-03-01

What a great experience! Reluctantly my lease ended on my Cayman, which I loved, and it was time to get a little more practical so I tried a Macan for a test drive. WOW! I did not have to settle for anything and I have never been happier with a vehicle! Mike is truly top notch and made the entire experience awesome. Chris the Sales Manager was involved and his entire crew are a pleasure to deal with. I would highly recommend them and will be back again!

Danny | CT | 2017-03-13

So I truely can't stand buying cars. I am 52 and have had decent experiences but mainly nothing to write home about. I went online to two dealers about a Cayenne Hybrid. Got good responses from both but when I wanted a color neither had one dealer basically gave up and Danbury 100% stepped up! Gave me a fair price, delivered on time and the entire team was great! Mike was my salesperson as was great and Chris the Manager helped me when Mike was out. Finally I can say buying cars is fun and not like the dentist! Customer for life!

Shopped around for a Macan with my dad, car for him. He wanted me to go because he was frustrated with how he was being treated and another Porsche dealer. Got recommended to go to Danbury and glad I did! Mike Killeen was friendly and accomadating and made the not so pleasant experience excellent. Gave us a fair price, great car(I get to drive it sometimes!) and I can't thank the entire crew at Danbury enough! Dad had a question about the car and stopped by unannounced on Saturday and the service department helped him out in a flash. Can't thank them enough for treating my dad right! I will be telling people to go there and hopefully buy a used 911 myself from them! Thanks Mike and Chris!

Eric Resnick | CT | 2016-10-12

"Bought my Cayman a few weeks ago from Danbury Porsche. What a fantastic experience. The Danbury Porsche dealership�s quality and class perfectly match the quality and class of the car. The entire experience was first class. I live in Vermont, but decided to purchase at Danbury based upon the outstanding salesperson � Scott Doty. The presales we superb, the delivery was perfect and the post sales was top notch. Besides Scott , Chris Partelow the sales manager is also first class. Scott, Chris, how about opening a branch office a little further north! Love the car, dealership is great and no tickets (yet). Life is perfect. Thanks for everything, you guys are great! Eric"

Paul Childs | CT | 2016-10-26

"I most heartily recommend Danbury Porsche and their very fine salesman Mr. Scott Doty. I recently purchased a 2014 Cayman S and could not be more pleased with the knowledge and guidance provided by Scott. (Danbury Porsche was not the only dealership where I considered the Cayman S.) Scott not only loves Porsches, he has a couple of his own, but he knows them inside and out. He can answer all your questions patiently and is not aggressive to a fault. You cannot go wrong with Scott and Danbury Porsche. Paul Childs"

Charles Robbins | CT | 2014-06-16

"I took delivery of my new silver and red Boxster on June 16. It arrived nearly four weeks early. What a wonderful treat! Malachy Tracey was a fantastic sales consultant throughout the process. Thanks Malachy for your recommendations and guidance. I would certainly recommend the entire team at Danbury Porsche. Buying a premium sports car is about service and attention and Danbury Porsche excels across the board. Charles Robbins"

Kat Larson | CT | 2015-06-29

"What a delightful experience at Danbury Porsche! I've been driving my 2015 Boxster S for two weeks now and couldn't be happier. Malachy was a jewel to work with, his expertise was so decision was quite easy! Thank you also to Gary for a seamless transaction. Glad to be part of the Danbury Porsche family!!"

Bill | CT | 2015-05-04

"Malachy, Chris and the rest of the team at Danbury Porsche always make the entire experience fun. The Macan is the latest addition to our garage. It is so easy to recommend the dealership to friends. Kudos to Jeff and Bob in the service department."

Jonathan | CT | 2014-01-25

"Got to say that this was simply a GREAT experience, and they had plenty of reason to fall short being that they are re-modeling their showroom and working out of a trailer. I live on Long Island Sound but work in Wilton and called them to get an idea on ordering a Cayman S. Long story short they were competitive, not the cheapest, but attentive on getting back to me and really making it go smooth. I just took delivery after waiting 3 anxious months but it was worth the rate, what a gorgeous car!!! Thank you Danbury, Malachy and Chris. Can't wait to see the finished showroom!"

Cory | CT | 2013-09-19

"My wife went on an exploring expedition looking at a Cayenne Diesel, we finally said we wanted a high end SUV. She went to our local dealer in CT and being a female she got the typical blow off treatment. She still wanted to drive it so the salesman reluctantly took her. Afterwards she got home and did say she liked it but she would want to deal with someone different there. I said absolutely not, especially after we didn't get a call from them after, so we went to look at an ML at Mercedes. Hated it. So I told her to call around. She called Danbury and said the phone call went great and she talked to Mike. We both went in Saturday, I told Mike it was her car and she got all the attention! We bought it, love it and will tell everyone about the other place and how good the crew at Danbury was. We actually met the Service Manager and Chris the Sales Manager so it's nice to have a few familiar faces there besides Mike, who was great! They never claimed to be the biggest dealer in the world but they were great to us and a great place to buy a great car. Thanks!"

Robert | CT | 2013-12-06

"Just a quick note to say "Thank You" to Scott and the crew at Danbury Porsche for the most enjoyable Porsche buying experience to date! My 911 C4 S is everything I had hoped it would be and they made the transaction it should be! We'll done guys....."

Charles Robbins | CT | 2014-04-15

"I recently ordered a new Boxster from Danbury Porsche and worked with Malachy Tracey. The experience was marvelous. The only bad thing is that I have to wait 3.5 months to get the car! Malachy and the team were extremely helpful and patient, as I required four test drives and numerous conversations to decide on the correct options for the Boxster. Needless to say, after two weeks, the deed was done and the perfect Boxster was ordered. I look forward to picking up the new car during early July and experiencing Porsche ownership. Thanks Malachy for your patience and knowledge."

David | CT | 2012-03-03

"Hi Josh, I've been remiss in not writing you sooner to let you know about yet another incredibly positive experience that I had while purchasing my second Porsche from your Danbury dealership. I purchased my first Porsche from Mike Killeen about five years ago and visited him again a number of months ago and ordered a new Cayenne for my wife. I told him that it would be wonderful to surprise her with the car at Christmas but that, since he didn't have the car in your dealership and would have to order it, I would totally understand if it took longer to arrive. He and Chris Partelow told me that there was only a remote possibility that I would have the car by Christmas and I started looking around for another gift. I was shocked when Mike called me a week before Christmas and told me that the car had made it through production and customs in record time and that I would, in fact, have it in time. So, on the morning of December 24th, I blindfolded my wife and drove her to the dealership. I helped her out of the car, stood her in front of her brand new car on which Mike had placed big red bow and then removed the blindfold. Let's just say that I scored points that will last at least until next Christmas for that stunt. She was overjoyed and we had the best Christmas imaginable. Mike Killeen made all of this happen as did your Sales Manager Chris. These guys are great and really represent the dealership and Porsche in the best possible light. I have not failed to share this truly great experience with my friends and colleagues and wouldn't be surprised if a few more Porsches were sold exclusively on the basis of this story alone. Moreover, I will, when my bank account allows, be back to purchase my third Porsche from Danbury Porsche. As you know, the car business is getting more and more competitive and it's gentlemen like Mike and Chris that will make a difference when we crazy car fanatics are ready to buy. Please let both of them know how much I appreciate all of their efforts. By the way, the car is really a joy to drive. Beautiful in every respect. Count me as a loyal customer for life. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, David H. Cowin, D.M.D"

Jessica | CT | 2012-03-03

"I just purchased my dream car, a new Panamera, from Danbury and I have to say it was the best buying experience I have had! It was the best Valentines Day present I could of asked for! I am a lawyer and considered a "tough cookie"! I live around 40 miles from the dealership and did go to another within CT and I was not impressed to say the least. I believe the female thing came into play and they were not taking me as a serious buyer, shame on them! I went into Danbury and dealt with Malachy Tracey and it was 100% different. I also met the Service guys so I will have a common face when I bring it in for my 1st service. I would just like to thank Danbury Porsche and hopefully management will see this email and congratulate your fine sales and service team!"

Jon | CT | 2012-03-08

"Mike, I wanted to send you a note to let you know how I appreciate your sincerity and kindness towards my father. Our recent experience at Danbury Porsche could not have been better. He was so happy with the entire process and how smooth you and the team made it. He is thoroughly enjoying the car and the feeling that it has brought him...a youthful resurgence! Again, thanks to you and all that made the purchase such a terrific success. Thanks JPS"

Bill | CT | 2012-09-18

"Malachy Tracey and the rest of the team at Danbury Porsche make us feel like family. We took delivery of our fifth Porsche this past weekend, and the whole experience was handled perfectly. My wife drove her new toy home with a big smile on her face the entire time. There are two other Porsche dealerships that are closer to our house, but neither comes close to the sales and service experience that Danbury Porsche delivers each and every time. Before you buy your next car, you owe it to yourself to at least pay the team at Danbury a visit."

Linda | CT | 2013-03-12

"Took delivery on a Panamera after being in my local dealer. I was ignored, called Scott at Danbury and had first class service through the entire way. Thanks Scott and the team for a great experience! You will be getting referrals!"

Stephanie LaTrenta | CT | 2013-05-07

"From the moment I strolled into the dealership, Chris and Malachy were extremely attentive. Some dealerships don't treat lone female customers as seriously as they did, and I very much appreciated it. Though they didnt have anything suitable at the time, within a few weeks I received a call from Chris telling me a Carrera convertible had come in that might fit the bill. Malachy took me for the longest test drive I've ever heard of, and even gave me Porsche driving tips along the way. Of course, the car was great and I had to have it! Well, that was a few years ago and I'm still amazed at the exemplary service I receive from this dealership. Malachy goes way beyond the call of duty in helping me to care for the car and the service department is excellent and always fair. I would be delighted to have the opportunity to buy another car from Danbury Porsche in the future, and I highly recommend that others call Malachy Trachey if lucky enough to be shopping for a dream mobile."

Steve | CT | 2014-04-21

"I had my Cayenne in another local dealer and it was there for 3 days and none of my calls were returned. I had. It towed to Danbury Porsche after speaking with Jeff Bobbins the Service Manager and he had it repaired that same day! Thank you! I will be back for all my services."

Evan | CT | 2013-06-26

"I set out to buy my dream car-a 2014 Cayman S and was a bit intimidated at first by the on line build process, but I made a call to Danbury Porsche and talked to Scott and he assured me that he could help me focus on my main goal; a special dream car! I spent some time being guided through the build process and at the end I had my dream car the way I wanted it! The process, the time, the respect, was just what I had hoped for, and more from a Porsche Dealership and Danbury has delivered in spades! Oh, the Cayman S is pretty spectacular too!"

Fran Comesanas | CT | 2013-08-18

"Just purchased a 2004 911 Turbo Cabriolet. This is my second used Porsche from this dealership. Malachy is my sales rep & he is extremely knowledgable & friendly. He has the patience of a saint & helped me choose the car of my dreams. After numerous test drives, i settled on the Turbo & I can say without hesitation that my 911 is EPIC! Jeff Bobbins is my Service Manager & he is absolutely brilliant. My car was making a whistling noise the day I picked it up. Jeff was immediately able to diagnose it (vent line clog) & quickly and efficiently resolved the problem. The guys even washed the car for me! I would strongly recommend this dealership & the Porsche Team there without hesitation. This has been far and away the most awesome car buying experience I've ever had. The only word I can think of to sum up this review of Danbury Porsche is... glorious."

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