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Save 5% on Porsche Tequipment winter wheel packages in December!

Get ready for winter before the snow starts flying!

 Take advantage of 5% savings on winter wheel and tire packages till December 31st.*

Wheels and tires are the point of contact for transmitting a Porsche vehicle’s power from the chassis to the road. The ability of the tire to grip the road is essential for your safety, especially when braking under cold weather conditions. Summer tires begin to harden as soon as temperatures drop below 45º and braking distances increase, making them unsuitable for cold, snowy, or icy conditions. This is why we recommend Tequipment Winter Wheel Sets or winter tires for the cold months, especially since the tires have been chemically formulated to resist hardening due to cold temperatures. Porsche-approved tires conform to Porsche specifications indicated by the “N” designation (N0, N1, etc.) on the sidewall. Contact one of our associates about a Tequipment Winter Wheel Set or winter tires for your vehicle today.


* - Offer may not be combined with other discounts.